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Semi-Permanent Brows

With our brilliant Soft Shading technique, we can help you achieve the shapes and the feels you desire. 

Eyebrows define your facial structure, creating a personality.  With our signature techniques, you will find the perfect brows that you’ve always wanted.

Ask us about our semi-permanent brows or book a consultation.

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about our Semi-Permanent Brows


The permanent makeup eyebrow procedure, otherwise known as microblading, ombre brows or powder brows can make the most dramatic change in the appearance of the client.

Brows frame the eyes and can appear to change the shape of the face. Proper brow placement and shape will be discussed during the consultation and can be drawn on for the client to approve prior to the actual implantation of colour.

Any tweezing or waxing should be done 72 hours prior to the procedure. If your skin is extra dry please exfoliate a few days prior to the procedure.

The brows will appear very dark and precise immediately after the procedure but will fade up to half and soften within 2 weeks.

After procedure all care should be taken to protect them from fading by wearing sunscreen daily and adding a hat when in the sun for prolonged periods.

Microblading is a semipermanent technique that uses a hand tool, known as a micro blade, to enhance how your eyebrows look.

Microblading uses the tool and pigment to scratch the skin and create strokes that look like hair. These strokes created the illusion of fuller brows.

Unlike tattooing, microblading uses high quality pigments, precision equipment, and look more realistic.

Ombre shading and microblading are similar but different. Both can be used to design eyebrows but give far different looks.

Ombre shading gives you that powdered brow makeup look. Ombre shading, unlike microblading, uses a digital machine to create the makeup look.

Swelling and redness immediately after treatment can be expected. The time this takes to settle will depend on the sensitivity of the skin.

A crust formation may appear after about three days. However, most people experience flaking or peeling of the skin as healing takes place.

This peeling will generally begin on the third day after treatment and will last from seven to ten days.


  • Use the cream with a Q-tip 3 or 4 times a day, for 4 to 5 days, longer if necessary.
  • DO NOT touch your eyebrows immediately after treatment.
  • Do NOT swim or use a spa for at least 3 days.
  • Do NOT wear makeup on the treated area until completely healed. Take care when cleaning your face for the first day.
  • DO NOT EVER use products containing Retin-A or Alpha hydroxy Acid, as these products will remove the pigment color from your eyebrows.
  • Use a sunscreen to protect the color from fading.
  • If there are any blank areas of pigment, this is normal and will be corrected on the follow up appointment.

  •  The skins ability to accept pigment
  • The degree of crust formation
  • The natural fading rate of pigments used
  • The treated area will appear very exact and darker in color when first treated.
  • As the pigment heals from the epidermal layer, there will be a 30-40% loss of pigment color.
  • Light brow colors tend to fade faster and require more frequent touch-ups (possibly yearly) than darker brow colors.
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