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Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Nothing gives your eyes more impact than eyeliner. But, it is not always easy to put on. Semi-permanent eyeliner is the solution!

PMU Eyeliner can make all the difference to your look. Your eye colour ‘pops’, your lashes look thicker and fuller, and your eyes appear brighter and wide awake.

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about our Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the most popular procedure. During the consultation the client will discuss the color, thickness and shape that she desires.

The procedure consists of implanting an eyelash enhancement, eyeliner and a halo or smudge if desired.

Eyeliner will almost always require at least one touch up to ensure the depth of color and width desired.

Please do not wear contact lenses to the appointment and have the eyes free of makeup and moisturizer.

Contacts cannot be worn for at least 3 days after procedure. It is advisable to stay out of dusty or smoky environments for at least 3 days after your procedure and care must be taken to keep the eyes clean and free of bacteria.

Healing usually takes 5 to 7 days but full colour will be noticeable after 14 days.

What to do after your PMU eyeliner session

Eye Lining: Swelling and redness is to be expected immediately after treatment, especially on the upper eyelid.

Itching is also normal. The length of time this takes to heal varies from person to person. You are advised to put wet cotton pads in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes to cool and then place over you eyes.

Sleeping slightly elevated can also reduce any residual swelling of eyes. The most swelling is usually an issue the following morning after your procedure.

You may soil your pillowcase with some residual pigment on eyes.  In the morning if eyes are stuck together, use a wet tissue and gently separate.

Do not rub, peel or pick.  Avoid sun, pools, hot tubs and all creams around eye area.

Eyes heal very well. However, they are exposed to the possibility of a secondary infection like conjunctivitis.

Seek medical attention if needed. Eyes are sensitive to pet dander, gardening, dust and dirty hands. Sunglasses add wonderful protection to sun.

Please use a new tube of mascara after each procedure.

Do not wear makeup for at least 72 hours after the procedure.


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